Why Counselling ?

  •   If you are experiencing stress at work or home, or feeling anxious or depressed, counselling can help you to make sense of your feelings & begin to think differently.
  • Sometimes people need support to accept the things that can't be changed so that they can come to terms with their situation and be able to move on and live in a more satisfying way.
  • Relationship difficulties are a common reason why people attend counselling, when it can be useful to talk to someone outside the situation, to help sort out one's own thoughts and feelings.
The Process . . . Firstly an initial consultation session is arranged in order to :
  • meet with the counsellor and decide if you feel comfortable talking with them. 

  • explore what it is you would like to get out of counselling & if that is possible.

  • assess what type of counselling is most appropriate for you

                    for example :  individual therapy or relationship counselling

  • decide whether to arrange counselling on a session-to-session basis or if you prefer, agree on a set number of sessions.
  • negotiate a fee that is acceptable to you


Follow up sessions - can then be arranged (usually on a weekly or fortnightly basis)
& wherever possible, at a time that suits you.
    You only need attend as long as you are finding it worthwhile
 & every attempt is made to ensure the experience is helpful to you. 

                 Making the first move . . .

    Contact the service via phone, text or email
to arrange an initial consultation session




    You are welcome to telephone and discuss making a referral,
either for yourself or on behalf of another 
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This is a highly confidential service adhering to the Codes of Practice of
the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy