Young People's Page

Stressed ?    Down ?    Depressed ?
Feeling sad, lonely or angry ?
Counselling can help you to  . . .
  • make sense of your feelings
  •  help you to feel better about difficult things in your life
  •  make changes that can improve things in your situation.
You will not be told what to do,
 instead the counsellor will help you to think through things so that you can  make changes that feel right for you.

What happens ?
We meet for a first session so that you can see if you like talking to the counsellor.  
Some people like to bring a friend or have a parent with them. We don't have to just sit and talk - we can help you with your problems by getting to know each other and play games.
You may only want to come for 1 or 2 sessions or you might decide to come regularly.  You only need to attend as long as you want !
People come to counselling for lots of different reasons:
Family problems        Friendship Issues
           Bullying        ADHD       Sexuality 
Eating Issues          Exam Stress             
 Relationship Problems             Self Harm
You can come for any reason at all.
Sometimes all it takes is
getting it off your chest!